MAYA:Exodus - Pitchbook

My thesis for Graduate school. MAYA:Exodus is an action and branching-path based video game that is centred around the survival of a cybernetic orphan throughout an anti-technology revolution. The orphan, known as Maya, must try and survive the much fractured world she has been brought into and avenge the death of her fallen parents all on her own accord. In order to do so, she must make the right choices, align herself with the right allies, and all the while evade the violent regime of the newly appointed dictator known as “The Duke”.

Alongside this struggle, Maya must also come to terms with a strange ability that had been secretly coded into all cybernetics, namely “The Scattering”. This groundbreaking yet violent ability has yet to be fully understood, and is in fact the main reason behind the anti-technological mindset that plagues Maya’s world. With this power running through her wires, the little orphan must then decide if she is to use this ability to aid her quest, rise above the regime, or simply for her own devices. The choice is up to her.